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New Registration and Renewal process

Step 1: Form A with the following Documents

           a) Requisition Letter.

           b) KMC Certificate of Scanning Doctor.

           c) Affidavit.

           d) Sketch of the establishment depicting basic facilities and scanning room with dimensions.

           e) Declaration.

Click here to download FORM A for new registration or renewal along with Affidavit for New Registration,Renewal and Declaration formats

Step 2: On Qualified Verification, Kindly issue the No objection certificate to purchase the Ultrasonography                                    Machine.

Click here to download NOC Format

Step 3: On receipt of a copy of Invoice of the procured ultrasound machine along with original NOC and Demand                         Draft of Rs.25000 or Rs.35000 for New Registration and 50% of this amount for renewal favoring                                           concerned Appropriate Authority, process the file and bring it to the notice of District Advisory                                             committee for the Advice and then process for Inspection of the premises based on the                                                            Advice of the committee.

Click here to download Inspection Format(Will be uploaded shortly)

Click here to download Submission of invoice along with original NOC to dho office

Step 4: Based on the Advice and inspection report, process the application and generate  Form B(Certificate of                             Registration)

Click here to download Form B Certificate (Reference only)

Step 5: Every Center should get the empanelment certificate from the concerned authority with regards to doctors                   conducting the ultrasonography in their center on receipt of Form B and same should be displayed at a                             conspicuous place in the center.

Click here to download Empanelment format

Step 6: Every District Appropriate Authority should ensure that every center registered under PC and PNDT Act,                           abide the rules and regulations of the Act and does not violate any provisions of the Act and authority                                should also issue the IEC material with regards to Save the Girl child Campaign.


IMP Note:

 As per rule 9(5), Guidance for Appropriate authority, clause c & e, 

c) On Renewal, the Registration Number  of the Genetic Counselling Centre/Genetic Laboratory/Genetic Clinic/Ultrasound Clinic/Imaging Centre will not change. A fresh Registration Number will be allotted in the event of change of ownership or management.

e)Registration number shall not be allotted twice.